Best HR software 2021

The idea of streamlining human resources with technology is not new, but with a wider range of options than ever before, more and more companies of all sizes are taking advantage of HR software. In this article, we will explore the basic principles of employee management software.

What is employee management in the organization?

The successful operation of any organization depends on many factors, one of the most important of which is the availability of an employee management system. High-efficiency companies have highly productive staff, so human resources play a key role in achieving competitive advantage by maximizing human capital in the company.

HRM (human resource management) is understood to mean a certain type of activity aimed at managing people to implement projects of the organization. At the same time, the maximum emphasis is placed on the work, experience, and talents of employees, as well as on the level of their satisfaction with the work itself. So, employee management is not about strict regulation of the actions of each employee, but about the ability to interact with them: to respect, motivate and direct their work for the benefit of the company.

HRM basic principles

HRM is in relation to human or labor potential. In the case of personnel management, material goals are well intertwined in importance with the social needs of employees. In this regard, we can identify the following basic principles of personnel management:

  • when selecting employees, attention is paid not only to their business qualities but also personal;
  • the team is built in such a way as to maintain quantitative harmony between young professionals and already experienced employees;
  • the activity of employees is evaluated, and on the basis of the received data strategies for professional growth and development of everyone are formed;
  • healthy and transparent competition is encouraged, which significantly develops the company’s human resources;
  • the organization has confidence in each employee, but it works with a system of adequate verification of the results of each;
  • the company is always ready for a situation when one of the employees cannot go to work, and has the opportunity to replace him;
  • all personnel and management activities of the company are conducted in accordance with applicable legal acts.

HR and software: programs for employee management

Modern HR is a cross-function that intersects with all areas of the company, from finance to sales. HR software is widely available on the market. First of all, the corresponding functional modules are included in any enterprise management system.

There are also many online recruiting services aimed at finding candidates for vacant positions, ranging from the universal HeadHunter to the specialized Ideal,, or Bullhorn. Social networks are also actively used in the selection of candidates, primarily the profile of LinkedIn.

Finally, there are several special software solutions on the market that will be attractive to those companies that do not use a multifunctional ERP system but need to organize and automate their HR work. They are:

  • E-Staff. It stores data on the staffing structure of the company and its employees, descriptions of their job responsibilities, and qualifications.
  • Air is a team management platform designed for small and medium businesses. The service allows you to maintain employee profiles, mark the time of their vacation or absence from work for other reasons, track costs.
  • Kickidler is a real tracking system. It forms and saves on the server a complete video recording of what is happening on the employee’s monitor during the day.