Total AV Offers Its Users VPN: The Review of the Extra Feature

Total AV Offers Its Users VPN: The Review of the Extra Feature - Post Thumbnail

Total AV has been on the market for only a few years. A bit controversial antivirus software is growing its popularity by adding extra features like a Disk Scanner or a Firewall. It also has a VPN for its users. Let’s get to know it better and see what you should expect from the service.

The general overview

It’s rather an unusual feature for antivirus. Yet, the users who got the paid version get access to the VPN service. You can access over 40 server locations with one click. This number is not that big compared to the leaders in this sphere and yet more than enough for an average user.

Some inquiries have cleared that this service is their own and not provided by a third-party company. Total AV’s Safe Browsing has:

  • 256-bit AES-CBC encryption;
  • OpenVPN protocol;
  • No DNS leak protection;
  • No kill switch.

It’s a pretty basic VPN and the company doesn’t share much detail about it. They don’t provide you with an option to change ports (you can change only the country).

One of the most suspicious things about this service is the lack of statement on whether they have a no-logging policy. For people who use VPN to protect their privacy, this is the key factor.

What can you use a VPN for?

The company’s policy on the goals you can achieve with its VPN service is quite clear. It’s used to encrypt the outgoing data lest it’s stolen by cybercriminals. You get protection from hacker and various agencies especially if you use public Wi-Fi.

Using Total AV’s VPN, you secure your email, credit card information, passwords, etc. You can do basic things like reading your favorite blogs or surfing Facebook.

Another benefit is that you can use a VPN to access geo-restricted content like US-only YouTube videos. By hiding your IP, you can shop in online stores based in other countries or access websites, social media platforms blocked in your region.

The disadvantages of using Total AV’s VPN

While it’s clear that VPN is essential in the modern web, using the services of this provider might not be the most secure option. This VPN lacks:

  • A kill switch.
  • DNS leak protection.
  • Variety of protocols to choose from.

Many people use a VPN to unlock Netflix. This one won’t work in this case. In addition, the lack of such important features as a kill switch doesn’t guarantee you’ll stay anonymous. It’s required to end the session before the connection to the server is lost. So, you can’t know for sure if your IP is still hidden.

While it’s very nice of Total AV to include a VPN in their services, it’s a pretty basic version. You can only hide your IP and encrypt the outgoing data. This is a great way to add security when you use public Wi-Fi spots or simply to keep your personal data safe. However, there are lots of missing features that really guarantee your safety online. Hopefully, the company will take it into consideration and improve the service even more.