Is Total AV Safe? How to Install and Uninstall Total AV?

Is Total AV Safe? How to Install and Uninstall Total AV? - Post Thumbnail

One of the most frequently asked questions about Total AV is how secure it is. While lots of advertising reviews claim it delivers decent protection, there are things you should know before you install it. We’ll also discuss how to install and uninstall it in the article below.

The advantages of using this software

Most independent review and users agree that Total AV has moderate phishing protection and stands out by its extra features. They include:

  • The disk cleanup;
  • A VPN;

The interface is also user-friendly and quite simple. You can easily navigate it and control different modules looking at the color schemes. If the label is green, everything is fine. If it’s yellow or red, you should take some actions.

The drawbacks of Total AV that should make you think twice about getting it

Unfortunately, the list of drawbacks is much bigger. One of the biggest issues is the pricing policy. The company makes everything possible to make you get the antivirus. At first, it seems fine. The cost of $20 per year is more than affordable. Later, however, you discover that starting from the 2nd year, you’ll have to pay over $100 per year. This sum is too big for the provided services.

Another sad thing is that the software often fails to detect threats. The poor scores in finding malware or detecting malicious URLs don’t make it look reliable at all. Moreover, many dangerous downloads are marked as safe which is also unacceptable.

The process of installation and uninstallation

This also should be a separate subject.

  • For once, because users often complain it gets to their PCs with the installation of other programs. This can bring lots of problems, especially if it causes conflicts with the already installed antivirus.
  • In order to install even the free version, you need to create an account. This isn’t very convenient. The rest of the process is basically the same.
  • You confirm you would like to install the software and choose the folder to install it in. then you just observe and wait for about 10 minutes for the installation process to be over. Frankly, it’s quite a lot of time for basic antivirus protection.

If you wish to uninstall it, however, there can be even more hustle. Some users simply can’t remove it the usual way. In case you try to delete the program from the Start menu or the PC’s utility of Installing and Uninstalling Programs, look for other options. You might have to restart your computer in the Safe Mode and remove the unwanted software or get a program that is able to help you. There are lots of tools on the Internet that help you manage all the installed programs. This one won’t be an exception.

One more thing to keep in mind. If you got the paid version and you remove it, the action doesn’t cancel the subscription. Make sure you stop the future payments when you stop using the antivirus software.