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Free antivirus is an optimal solution to protect your computer if you are a simple user and just want to surf the Internet in safety and without fear of infecting your computer with some kind of infection. We talked about giants such as Avast or 360 Security, now we want to talk about some more worthy products.

Avira Free Antivirus

Germany is often associated with quality, right? Including, if it concerns anti-virus solutions and protection against malicious programs. Avira is one of the leaders among free antiviruses, which receives high scores in independent laboratories, and user approval.

In addition to anti-virus protection, it supports Protection Cloud cloud scanning technology.

The benefits of Avira are:

  • good antivirus scanner
  • firewall and phishing protection
  • additional features like a password manager and a VPN client.

And if you want enhanced protection, Avira offers many additional options in a paid extension.

Antivirus offers basic protection against malicious programs but can be enhanced by free Avira applications and services, including the addition of Internet protection, parental control, and Android protection, which allows you to protect your computer, important information, mobile devices and your children from various types of online threats.

AVG Antivirus FREE

AVG AntiVirus Free is a reliable and fast free antivirus for Windows. It provides basic protection for your computer and your online activity from the latest threats. Czech antivirus offers many reliable features for fighting viruses:

  • Polymorphic Detection System
  • Heuristic Analysis System
  • CyberCapture System
  • Signature Detection System

Thus, the main essence of the effectiveness of AVG in detecting malicious files and exploits is several levels of protection. All files are pre-scanned and safe objects are excluded from the quick scan list. Also, this antivirus has another interesting feature. This is a behavioral analysis system. The principle lies in the fact that it tracks the behavior of programs in order to immediately identify a malicious program if it is masked. If the program has detected signs of malware, it blocks it. Thanks to AI Detection technology, this option works even better.

Bitdefender Antivirus Free Edition

This is a free version of the well-known Bitdefender antivirus. Anti-Virus won the Best Product of 2017 Award by AV-Comparatives.

Advantages of the free Bitdefender:

  • one of the best indicators for detecting and neutralizing malware
  • phishing protection
  • simple interface
  • modest expenditure of resources.

However, there is also a price paid for it. This lack of ability to configure protection for a certain level of security. At the same time, this makes the solution simple and easy to use for ordinary computer users. The free Bitdefender antivirus does not require technical knowledge to configure protection – all components operate at the optimum level of security.

worth noting that it is best to use antivirus programs comprehensively. For example, in addition to the selected antivirus, you can download the excellent Malwarebytes’ Anti-Malware utility, while the short one shows excellent results in the fight against spyware, viruses, rootkits, and ransomware.

Do not forget that there is no absolute protection against viruses and you should not only carefully choose an antivirus program, but also be careful about the sites you visit.