Complete Antivirus Comparison 2020: TotalAV or Avast

Complete Antivirus Comparison 2020: TotalAV or Avast - Post Thumbnail

TotalAV or Avast: which is better? This complete comparison will answer the question. Let’s find out which of two rivals is better to protect your PC from online malware threats.

TotalAV: is it Fine?

TotalAV had been remaining an out of sight app for main test labs till recent times, so we had to check it on our own. The results we’ve got were quite surprising. Despite a couple of slight moments requiring improvement, TotalAV is a powerful piece of software able to protect you from even the most severe Internet threats and to help your PC work smoother than before. Despite there were not enough lab tests, we are convinced that TotalAV is good to secure your virtual privacy from most of malware apps.

When speaking of choosing the antivirus, its ability to protect the system from malware, ransomware, spyware and other attacks. Total AV is a young team not having reputation and authority of its competitors yet, but their solutions can stand against any rival. Our first test for the app was to scan the system and reveal the folder where we downloaded some malware programs. More than 90% of infected files were successfully found and deleted from the drive. And what we liked the most is that TotalAV notified us about the process only once. Other antivirus programs definitely should learn this trick from TotalAV.

TotalAV offers you four instruments to protect your network confidentiality online. First, it is the comfortable Adblocker extension that blocks the irritating ads and popups on the websites you visit. In many cases, advertisements contain hidden files and links to malware apps that can infect your system secretly.

Third, the Safe Site will protect you with warning if you enter the website with doubtful security parameters. And fourth, one more TotalAV function is the password manager. It can be helpful for users who have multiple online accounts and can’t remember all passwords. This utility allows storing all your passwords in one safe place and entering the websites and online applications easily. 

All in all, TotalAV is a full-scale reliable antivirus. It’s just too “young” to get authority.

Avast: A Time-Checked Set of Products

On the other side, there goes the industry veteran with more than 400 million users all over the planet. The huge variety of free and premium instruments by Avast provides users with excellent safety while surfing the net. The company offers solutions to protect you from hacks, malware and ransomware applications, and to secure your privacy and identity online.

After Avast is installed, you also get additional advantages including the phishing protection, the firewall that stops attacks on your PC and a scanner to make your public Wi-Fi connection always be secure. Thanks to its multiple options and flexible prices, Avast lets you choose exactly the protection level you want and need without paying too much for other unnecessary functions.

The company offers four antivirus plans for viruses, spyware and phishing attacks on websites and inside emails. This antivirus provides real-time active security and checks everything potentially dangerous for your PC.